Behind the Scenes: Faculty Profile

Stephanie Sowa '21, Athletics Section Editor

Angie Ramos is a member of the Facilities Management here at Marymount. She is amiable, charitable, and the kindest person on Marymount’s campus. For twenty-five years, Angie has tirelessly worked to better the Marymount experience for everyone involved. Every afternoon in Butler I am lucky enough to converse with Angie and I am eternally grateful to share Angie’s special story with The Anchor audience.Before Angie came to America, she was raised in Jalisco, Mexico near Guadalajara. Coming from a greatly religious family, Angie explains how she has maintained a close relationship with God from a young age. Her maternal grandmother was the cousin of a Catholic bishop and had a relative who was a member of the RSHM mission. Once she completed her homework after school, Angie frequently visited her aunt at a nearby convent who worked as a nun. Every nun knew her by name and always expressed excitement over her visits. Angie helped the nuns tend to their garden and organize the Eucharist for their mass. Her grandmother once told her, “all good people go to heaven,” a major motivation for her to help the sisters around the convent.

Although she had a happy childhood, Angie can account on her family being of a lower socio-economic standing. However, she said her family “was rich in the way they raised their children,” and economic difficulties did not distract from her joyous environment. Fortunately, Angie had many cousins who played with her and were positive influences for her. Her father’s side of the family was more fortunate than Angie’s immediate family, yet they were cold and unhappy. Angie frequently questioned why they were continuously unkind to her, something that was difficult to understand as a child. However, her Grandmother’s love never failed to console her worries and she refused to succumb to a negative mindset.

Moving to America in 1967 was a challenging, yet thrilling journey for Angie. While reflecting on her work experience in America, she revealed her gratitude towards her three jobs that provided her with so much more than she imagined. Once she collected enough knowledge, Angie decided to start her own housekeeping business. One of Angie’s clients, Wendy, was the secretary to the principal of Marymount over 20 years ago. Wendy explained to Angie that she would put in a good word for her at Marymount where she would have great benefits. Therefore, Angie began working at Marymount part-time while maintaining her business to secure a promising future.

While working here, Angie discovered how beautiful Marymount was and befriended Sister Dolores, one of her greatest friends. Angie said, “I could never show enough appreciation for Sister Dolores. Thank God for bringing her here.” For a hospitality event, there were pies laid out in the kitchen with two hidden lemon pies. Ms. Barbara, an individual who was working the event, specifically hid these pies for herself without anyone’s knowledge. However, Sister Dolores was unaware of the circumstances and cut Angie a slice as the pie was delicious. However, she got “in trouble” once Barbara found out, but Angie came to the rescue. She encouraged compassion and explained to Barbara that Sister Dolores had cut the pie out of kindness and did not have any for herself. Everything was resolved and life lessons were taught that day. Thanks to individuals such as Sister Dolores, Angie continues to participate in our community and share her love with every Sailor Sister.

In addition to being an important member of Marymount’s family, Angie has raised a beautiful family. She has two children, a daughter, Bianca, and a son, Robert. Bianca gifted Angie with three beautiful grandchildren: Lilly, Mikey, and Lauren. Each has grown into brilliant and incredible young adults who have bright destinies ahead of them. Every family story she shares never fails to incite laughter. Her eldest grandchild, Lilly, reminds Angie of her Grandmother. “Her eyes,” Angie said, “they are exactly like my Grandmother’s.” Each of her grandchildren holds a special place in her heart and she is extraordinarily thankful for them.

Angie does not have a favorite aspect of Marymount; she loves everything about the school and endlessly admires the exceptional community! She especially loves all the teachers and students that have developed friendships with her and the special events such as Grandparents Day and Spirit Week. Angie looks forward to the stunning graduation ceremony each year, but it is a bittersweet moment for her. She misses the girls once they leave for college and appreciates when they come back and visit. Angie communicates with her daughter who invited her to come to live with the family in Chicago, but Angie is adamant about deciding for herself when she wants to retire. Angie shared, “I’ve been so happy here, everyone has been so good here, and time goes so fast. Thank you to everyone, you are in my heart.” Eventually, she will begin a new chapter of her life, but Marymount cherishes her and will love her forever.