How to Achieve a Healthy Balance While Self-Isolating

Nadya Lattanzi '20, Marymount News & Features Section Editor

As the days seem to merge together during this self-isolation process, it is important that we keep ourselves motivated in order to prevent ourselves from falling into an unproductive cycle. The first tip I have in order to avoid this is to create daily schedules that not only include homework and classes, but other activities that you can do during your free time such as baking, exercising, or indulging in something creative. Having schedules and to-do lists is a sure way to keep your mind busy and make these long days more enjoyable. Another tip is to limit screen time as much as possible. Besides school and the occasional Netflix binge, make sure you are spending time doing activities that exercise your brain and allow you to take advantage of your free time. One activity I suggest is exercising! There are unlimited amounts of work-out videos on YouTube or you can simply go for a walk outside with a family member! A fitness instructor that I have been enjoying is Chloe Ting who has created a surplus of work-out routines! Another activity that is extremely useful is to learn a new language or a new skill, such as learning to play a new instrument! Overall, it is very important that we use this time to prevent ourselves from falling into a rut and although it is easy to use electronics to pass time, we should be taking advantage of our free time to better ourselves!