Summer Break In A Year Without Travel

Lily Share ‘21, Health and Leisure Section Editor

The nationwide quarantine and travel restrictions that are in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus will last to some extent all summer. Many summer academic programs, sports camps, and internships have been cancelled or moved online. Although most people aren’t happy that summer 2020 will be spent at home, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the summer break. Do what you can to stay physically and mentally healthy, and be flexible in finding something that you find to be  meaningful. Here are some options to consider.

Take a Break

Who could have predicted that there would be an enforced break in the busy life of a high schooler? The opportunity to take a block of time out from pressing academic schedules and activities may not come again. There are many famous examples of people who have used a break or a sabbatical to achieve new insights. You might follow these examples and look inward by meditating online with The Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) that UCLA offers. There are a variety of online fitness and yoga classes you can subscribe to or watch free on YouTube. Give space to your thoughts in a journal. Or just take time to reflect on your life’s journey and plan what you want to do when the quarantine lifts. 

Take an Online Class

Taking an online class can help you better yourself and have some interaction with new people over the internet. Universities across the country offer a variety of courses at a range of costs throughout the summer geared toward high school and college students. You may earn college credit. 


Many people need help, especially the elderly because they are most at risk, and often less able to navigate the technology that we take for granted to have video calls and to order food delivery or online entertainment. Bringing groceries to grandma or chatting at a two-meter distance with the elders on your street can brighten both your days. 

Develop A Skill

The quarantine also provides the opportunity to develop your skills. Take advantage of all the time spent at home to learn or improve a second language, get better at a sport or instrument, or cook. Try writing stories or articles. When the quarantine ends you will have a new skill to be proud of and show friends. 

Read New Books

It can be difficult to find time to read for pleasure during the school year and summer can be just as hectic. New books are coming out all the time, and there are classics still to read. Share your enthusiasm with a friend and post about it on Goodreads.