Retreat Reflection

Freddie von Siemens '21, Staff Writer

After a rigorous first two weeks, retreat was just the thing that everyone in the Marymount community needed to take a break from school and focus on other aspects of life. During the 3-day retreat, students from all classes were given the opportunity to relax and grow spiritually, whether it be through class bonding, participating in service, or taking a trip as a class.

The sophomore class kicked off retreat by going to the Fulcrum ropes course in Culver City. Having to conquer the challenging courses using nothing but ropes and support from their classmates was a true test of how close the sophomores could become as a class. For each of the activities, the girls belayed one another as opposed to receiving help from the instructors, which was a testament to how much their class cares about and support each other. On day two of the sophomore retreat, the sailors paid a visit to Homeboy Industries, A Place Called Home, and the LA food bank. As Jane Clements ’21 says, “it really showed us different ways of life around our community”. The sophomores are leaving retreat with a completely different attitude–one of appreciation for what they are all blessed with, and the urge to help those that are less fortunate! As members of the Marymount community, we have a moral obligation to help those whose quality of life is less than ours. Everyone deserves to “have life and have it to the full”, an expression we all know and love!

The juniors spent their retreat at a sleepaway camp in Ojai, California. Being at the camp together really gave the sailors a chance to spend time with people that they might not have been as close with before the retreat. We all sometimes get so set in our friend groups or who we hang out with that we fail to notice some of the amazing girls around us. The juniors are definitely coming back with many new friends and familiar faces to say “hi” to as they cross paths in the future! This retreat was all about bonding, and according to Isabelle Perez ’20, “it was a lot of fun!” The girls formed an even stronger junior class bond than they already had, and can’t wait to continue their adventures at next year’s retreat!