Trash Free Day

Kendra Thornburgh-Mueller ‘20, Arts & Entertainment Section Editor

On January 29th, the Campus Green Club held Marymount’s first ever Trash Free Day to spread awareness on the global problem of waste management and rampant trash production that is especially prominent in the United States. The Marymount student body and faculty/staff were encouraged to bring reusable tupperware containers and utensils to use for lunch instead of paper plates and plastic cups. The Campus Green Club worked together with Sage, who did not put out plates and utensils that day, and manned a table with the usual utensils to be handed out if anyone forgot a container.

The event proved fairly successful. Although unfortunately not everyone participated, the outcomes, especially for the event being the first of its kind, were positive overall, with the Class of 2020 coming in first place for least amount of usual plates and utensils needed.

This day signified a step towards future initiatives: the Campus Green Club will be putting an emphasis on the way trash is disposed of on campus. More trash bins will be labeled in terms of composting, recycling, and landfill waste, as currently these trash categories are mixed. Throwing away trash that can be recycled or composted in the landfill or general trash bin has negative implications, as one may expect. Food waste seems to be widespread at Marymount, a problem that can be partially alleviated if compost bins are an option.