A Recap of DTASC!

Simi Kaushik ‘20, Marymount News Section Editor

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On October 20th, 2018, Marymount High School competed in the annual fall DTASC competition at Canyon High School. Mr. Schulte’s Acting Honors class attended this festival; they all competed in the upper-level C division. There were a total of three scenes: Dancing at Lufthansa, an Irish scene set in the early 1900s portraying four sisters, The Dead Chipmunk, a comedic scene following the adventures of three teenage girls, and Annabella, a student-written scene which described the life of a teenage girl whose abusive aunt chastises her. Preparations for this festival had begun since the beginning of the school year and all the girls who attended had a lot of fun and worked very hard to make the most of their scene. As someone who attended the festival this year, I can say that I had an amazing experience being a part of the student-written scene and it taught me a lot about expressing my creativity in an explicit and more expressive manner.

Courtesy of Mr. Schulte

Courtesy of Mr. Schulte