Sunset Magazine’s 2019 Edition

Sophia Scott ‘21, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Marymount’s student-run literary magazine, Sunset, will be releasing its 2019 edition at the end of this academic year! The theme is color, and the title is Synthesia. Synthesia is defined as a “condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color.” Jane O’Donnell ‘19 and Kendra Thornburgh-Mueller ‘20 have been working tirelessly all year in order to design the layout of the magazine and compile all of the student-created art and writing pieces. Bella Zurowski ‘19, Sunset’s co-editor-in-chief, says “I am most looking forward to seeing the work of the seniors in this year’s edition. I have been on Sunset since my sophomore year and it has been really cool to see how the writings and art pieces from the class of 2019 have changed throughout the years.” Anna Marguleas ‘19, Sunset’s other editor-in-chief, says “It’s bittersweet to finish my last Sunset magazine at Marymount, but I cannot wait for everyone to see the final product of the hard work that the staff and students put in this year!”

This year’s edition of Sunset focuses primarily on emotions evoked by a variety of color-oriented poems, photography, and different types of visual art. The pieces included in the magazine will be arranged in order by color, so as to provide a rainbow effect when flipping through the pages. Jane O’Donnell ‘19 says, “I had the privilege of designing the magazine this year, and, as a senior, I am really proud of the way it has turned out. Bella and Anna have done a wonderful job as editors-in-chief and I can’t begin to express the love and appreciation I have for the staff.” Kendra Thornburgh-Mueller ‘20 adds, “This year we had an amazing number of diverse submissions that truly portray the creativity and passion of the student body. I have felt nothing but honor working alongside Jane to design the layout and was consistently impressed by the editors-in-chief and all the staff members ideas. Get ready for some color!”