The Athletic Recruitment Process

Nicole Biggi '21, Staff Writer

One may call the recruiting process impossible, but not for Marymount star athlete, Kate Kilroy. The process is a tricky, yet rewarding and worthwhile experience that athletes everywhere dream of. Kate Kilroy, a Sophomore at Marymount High School is a newly recruited volleyball player for Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. Kate described the recruitment process as a very fun experience but she was not in a rush to commit. Since she did not have an extreme amount of pressure to be committed, she tried to have as much fun with the experience. Kate explains the journey was not as intimidating as she expected due to the sincerity and kindness from the coaches. To dive deeper into Kate’s journey, we discussed her training schedule. She has many commitments with very little time considering her countless hours of training. Kate stated, “Since we are in high school season right now, I practice every day after school and weight lift twice a week. During the weekend I work out with a trainer. When club season starts, I will have practice 3-4 times a week and tournaments every other week.” Considering the amount of work at Marymount, balancing school and volleyball is an extremely hard task as both are very intense. One of the many reasons Kate is so successful is that she has figured out a way to manage both.

Every athlete has a coach that has inspired and impacted them in extraordinary ways. For Kate, this coach is Cari Klein. Kate is forever grateful to Cari Klein and continuously thanks her for providing her so many opportunities. Kate states, “She pushes me to be the best I can possibly be and has always looked out for me.” Coaching is an important component of the recruitment process. Each individual needs a supportive and experienced coach who can take the athlete beyond their expectations. In addition, the energy of the collegiate coaches is another important factor. Due to the fact that Kate was comfortable around the Pepperdine coaches, she was able to perform at her top level.

Kate’s family also did a phenomenal job encouraging her. They did not place pressure upon her to be recruited, which allowed her to explore her options and remain positive. Her parents continuously cheer her on, in volleyball and life, which Kate is greatly appreciative of. Providing her with countless opportunities, such as the experience of club volleyball is something Kate will never forget. Her Sunshine Volleyball Club family has motivated and shaped her into the person and teammate she is today.

Currently, Kate is feeling the pressure more than ever since she is committed to Pepperdine. She pushes herself even harder, if that’s possible, to make sure she is performing at the top level. All her hard work and numerous hours of training has paid off and is continuing to pay off. Without the support of her family and her coaches, she would not be where she is today. Go Waves!