Easter Traditions


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Stephanie Sowa and Brooke Pierpoint

Easter is quickly approaching and we wanted to share some of the most loved traditions surrounding the holiday. Of course, Jesus is the reason for the season! Easter is a very fun and important holiday in the Christian religion. Before Easter begins, we observe the Lent season, paralleling Jesus’ experience with temptation in his 40 days in the desert. The Catholic Church observes Jesus’ suffering for all of humankind and how he died on the cross to wash away humanity’s sins. We celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern spring equinox. There are multiple fun and religious traditions to celebrate Easter.

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Dyeing Easter Eggs is the perfect way to usher into the Easter season. Don’t forget to hard boil your eggs. There are plenty of kits that provide instructions and supplies for families or friends who are not “experts,” per se, in the egg dyeing field. If someone you know is an artist and loves coloring eggs, partner up with them to ensure awesome creations. If it is more about the experience, and spending some quality time with your family and friends, have fun with it and experiment ways you have never tried before. The colors will look amazing no matter what the designs are.

The Easter Bunny…

Although this is more for younger children, the continuation of familial traditions keeps the spirit of Easter alive. If you have younger siblings or younger cousins, encourage them to believe and surprise them with gifts to make their holiday special. Colored eggs, marshmallow figures, or toys in a colorful basket can really excite younger ones and having them believe that the Easter Bunny gave them makes their childhood more magical.

Chocolate Bunnies

Anything chocolate is the way to go. Popsugar bunnies are by far, the sweetest and richest chocolate. Trader Joe’s also has terrific organic bunnies. You can also visit any baking shop and find cute molds and make your own variation of a chocolate bunny. William Sonoma’s also has a variety of adorable treats and baking equipment that will attract many people who love to bake.

Easter Baskets

In addition to dyeing eggs, creating fun Easter baskets is also a super fun tradition. Gathering together with friends or family and putting together a special memory of the season using treats, favorite mementos, and yummy food is a great bonding activity. In the Polish tradition, families gather together and fill a decorative basket with special foods, dyed eggs and treats that the family takes to Church for a blessing and then eats the blessed food for a good year ahead.

Easter Mass

Easter Mass is the perfect way to celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection. In the Pacific Palisades, Corpus Christi Parish has a beautiful church with a 9:30 in the morning mass. In Santa Monica, Saint Monica Catholic Community has multiple worship times ranging throughout the day that accommodate people’s various traditions. In Manhattan Beach, American Martyrs 8:00 in the morning mass has been recommended by the Marymount Community.

Baking Treats

Baking goodies with your family and friends provides fun and entertainment for all who participate. Some delicious and representative treats for Easter are Bird Nests, Resurrection Rolls, Rice Krispies with pastel colored M&M’s. These treats are extremely easy to make and inexpensive to purchase! If you are not excited by the prospect of baking your own treats, you can go to most stores such as Rite Aid and stock up on fun treats that will give you a sugar rush. 🙂

Observing Lent

With Easter approaching, it is important to reflect on your Lent experience. If you gave up something for Lent, how was your experience? Was it difficult or challenging? Was it something you’ve considered giving up long term? Think about ways your efforts paid off or benefitted you in any way. If you find comfort in prayer, try praying for someone who you believe is in need of love and give thanks at the end of each day for what you are grateful for.  

Easter Egg Hunt

This is by far, one of the greatest traditions that coincides with Easter! Buy Easter Eggs and fill them with money or treats and hide them either outside or inside your home. No matter how old you are, you can vary the intensity to your age level and have a lot of fun with it. It is a classic tradition that everyone will enjoy on a fun Sunday morning or afternoon.

Enjoy Time With Your Family

Easter is a time of joy. Spending the day with family and celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus is something to be grateful for and take advantage of. Spread love to everyone you see and be open to looking from other perspectives. This is a time for forgiveness and new relationships. Have fun with your loved ones and share why you are grateful for them, it will leave a positive impact.