Spring Cleaning Mindfulness


Courtesy of 99.co

Gabriella Scothon ‘20, Staff Writer

Spring, starting March 20, is the time of year that brings about ideas for a fresh start. Spring is a chance to try and balance one’s life. In other words, spring is a time to clean out one’s life in a literal and in a figurative sense.

A lot of times cleaning out a bedroom, a backpack or even something as small as a notebook can give people a feeling of accomplishment, which more often than not leads people to complete more of those small tasks and can lead to people finally completing the large task that they had been putting off for ages.

If someone wants to start on their spring cleaning, here are tips to help you get spring cleaning started and declutter your life.

Clean out your backpack. The process will allow you to find papers and pens that may have seemed to be lost forever and sets you up to start the following week in a positive and organized manner.

Clean out your closet. Rotate your clothes so lighter pieces are accessible. Discard clothes you haven’t worn in a year.

Spring is a time to start fresh, and a big part of that is getting rid of self-deprecating thoughts. Self-doubt holds you back from achieving your dreams. Clear your head and have a happier outlook on life.

We all have bad habits. They stop us from reaching our fullest potential and becoming the best version of ourselves. Why not start the season off by replacing some of those bad habits with good habits? Use the season from March till June to create a better you.