Self Care

Lily Share '21, Health & Leisure Editor

With AP classes, SAT prep, and extracurriculars, it can be hard to find time to relax during the school year. However, in order to maintain a high GPA and perform well throughout the school year, it is imperative to take care of yourself. Making time for self-care will improve your mental health, scores, and study habits.         

Although it can feel impossible to take a break while studying or doing homework, taking five to ten minutes to meditate each day can prove beneficial in the long run. By taking a couple minutes to relax and clear the mind, your mental health will improve and allow for more effective studying. If you are really short on time, some breathing exercises (inhale count of four, hold count of 7, exhale count of 3, then repeat a few times) can also soothe the adrenaline rush of thinking about everything you need to do.

Stress takes a toll on the skin. One simple way to perk up your mood and appearance is to do a face mask. Sheet face masks are the optimal choice during study breaks because they come off easily and usually have a time limit of around ten minutes, so they won’t take up too much time. Sheet masks are filled with vitamins and minerals to brighten and improve skin. 

Homework can be stressful without much physical activity, and one of the most common effects is nail biting. Rather than hurting yourself or your nails, try going to the nail salon or painting your own or a friend’s nails a couple times a month. Choosing a color, talking to whoever is painting them, and then taking care so the polish lasts, can make you happy and help to conquer the impulse to bite. Going to the nail salon can be something relaxing to look forward to and help you complete your work faster without the distracting habit.

By taking the time to care for your mental and physical health, you will be supporting your emotional wellbeing, which will reap benefits in all parts of your busy life.