Spring Cleaning Tips!


Throughout the year, closets can become a mess, making it hard to find the items you want, especially when you are in a rush. That is why it’s important to take the time to declutter. One easy way to do so is by making two clothing piles: keep and donate. Having a donation pile makes it easier to get rid of your clothes while contributing to a good cause. Additionally, over time, your room accumulates many items that you don’t want, need, or have space for. Using large bins that can be stored under your bed or in your closet is an efficient way to save the things you don’t use daily and don’t want laying around.  


One way to keep your thoughts and homework organized is by using an agenda or a daily planner. Writing down all of your assignments, tests, and other important dates will ensure that you do not miss a deadline and stop procrastinating. Another great benefit of keeping an agenda is that it will help you manage your time better. By seeing all of your work laid out, you can decide which is most important, which will take the most time, and which assignment is due next. 

Many of us know how cluttered our backpacks can get over the weeks, and a simple way to get rid of everything you don’t need is by taking everything out. You can determine what you need and what you don’t by making three piles: keep, recycle, and other. For the “other” pile, I have found that there are lots of miscellaneous papers that I do not need at the time, but I may need later. The miscellaneous papers can be kept in an accordion folder at home. That way you will have easy access to the papers and stay organized.