Easter Traditions

Easter is an extremely important celebration in the Christian faith. It is a time of joy and happiness following the solemn 40 days and nights of Lent. Lent is a time where Catholics make sacrifices, place an emphasis on engaging in charitable works, and add positive practices to their routines. Unfortunately, our world went on lockdown prior to the beginning of the Easter season due to the pandemic. Churches are closed as they are essentially mass gatherings, and many vulnerable individuals are members of the church community. Although the celebration of Easter this year was difficult and different, we are sharing the ways we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

1. Attending Mass Online

Fortunately, my [Stephanie’s] parish, St. Monica’s, has the ability to live stream its masses on its website. It is available to anyone who wishes to participate, regardless of whether or not you are a member of the parish. Before the holiday arrived, my family and I had been watching mass online every Sunday at 9:30am, our usual service where my brother and I often altar serve. On Good Friday, the most somber day of the year when Jesus was crucified, I watched the mass with brother and parents. My family and I gathered around on Easter morning to watch Monsignor T. deliver an inspirational sermon with other priests of the parish. It was refreshing to hear the amazing music compiled by parishioners and edited together to create masterpieces that made it seem everyone was back in church! Utilizing online resources is a wonderful way to encourage normalcy surrounding your faith practices.

Thankfully, certain parishes have the ability to continue worship by utilizing online resources. Check out St. Monica’s website for more information. https://stmonica.net/media-resources/watch-live

2. Dyeing Easter Eggs

Dyeing Easter eggs is such a fun spring tradition –– especially if you consider yourself creative and detail-oriented. Once your eggs are hard boiled, you can dye them any color you would like. For a more simple look, you can dip them into the food coloring and vinegar mixture, but if you would like a detailed egg, there are so many fun and artistic designs to explore. Pinterest has so many DIY ways to spice up Easter eggs. Our favorites include galaxy, water color, rubber band, and speckled easter eggs. This past Easter, dying eggs were a productive and creative escape during these uncertain times.

Search on youtube for unique patterns or scour Pinterest for fun ideas on how to spice up your holiday festivities! Courtesy of Pinterest.

3. Baking Beloved Goods

Baking beloved treats is a great way to wind down and snack on something that everyone finds delicious. Whether baking is a collective effort or you take the endeavor on by yourself, these treats will invoke special memories and encourage everyone to persevere together, and to not feel so guilty about eating our guilty pleasures!

4. Setting Up an Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter egg hunt is a fun activity that can be for all ages! Although this past year, no families were supposed to congregate due to the social distancing orders, having smaller egg hunts between immediate family members lifted spirits. If the hunt wasn’t safe outside, eggs can be hidden in creative places around the house: with the utensils, under pillows, in the piano, and anywhere else in permitted boundaries! Whether the eggs are filled with addicting candy or dollar bills or slips of paper with funny jokes, this activity is bound to lead to smiles all around. Even making it competitive with a golden egg that possesses a special prize lifted the energy in the house.

Spice up your annual egg hunt with different prizes! And make sure you scout out the best hiding spots. Let the games begin. Courtesy of Pinterest.

5. Watching Movies 

During the Lenten/Easter season, it is important to relax and spend time with your family. What better way than to watch spiritual movies? Some of our favorite include Jesus Christ Superstar, Son of God, and Risen. There are also some super fun Easter themed movies as well, like Hop or Peter Rabbit. There are so many helpful lists online that have compiled so much data to keep everyone entertained! It’s not so much as finding a good movie to watch, but rather spending time with family and appreciating the simpler moments. 

Whether your family settles on a classic, like Easter Parade, or watches a religious film or discovers a modern Easter story, cherish the time spent alongside one another. Courtesy of Pinterest.

6. Reminiscing with Family

Yes, this year’s Easter was unexpected. But everyone is in this together. We spent time bonding with our families and appreciating all the Easter’s we have already experienced and hope to experience in the future. We looked back at old pictures, laughed and observed our growth, and relished in the joy of the holiday. 

We can overcome anything as long as we continue to spread love and positivity. We hope you had a wonderful Easter, and we are looking forward to sharing our favorite holiday memories with you all on campus as soon as it’s possible!