A Recap of Grandparent’s Day

Sophia Scott ‘21, Arts & Entertainment Section Editor

On Tuesday, November 20th, 2018, more than 200 of our Sailors’ grandparents and special family friends arrived at Marymount for the annual Grandparent’s Day Mass and celebration. First, Marymount students and their grandparents or special family friends made their way to Pavillion for a Mass of Thanksgiving led by UCLA Paulist Fr. Mark Villano. During his homily, Fr. Villano emphasized that gratitude and happiness go hand-in-hand. He highlighted that happiness is the greatest form of love. He implored Marymount’s community to utilize the upcoming Thanksgiving break as an opportunity to reflect on gratitude and ultimately attain inner peace and grace. The Mass featured Marymount’s orchestra and choir, who performed stunning renditions of songs such as John Newton’s Amazing Grace and Henry van Dyke’s The Hymn of Joy (“Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee”).

After the Mass, Ms. Landry offered several thoughtful closing remarks. She began with, “Welcome to Marymount where things are eternal and embedded in love.” She also expressed her gratitude to the grandparents and special family friends present for their important guiding role in the lives of our Marymount girls. Following Ms. Landry’s closing remarks, Marymount students accompanied their grandparents and special family friends to a quiet lunch. To view more photographs of this celebration, please check out Marymount High School’s Facebook page.