Mentor Appreciation Dinner Reflection

Jillian Neuner '19, Editor-in-Chief

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On Wednesday, October 10th, Marymount students and their mentors from various summer internships gathered together to celebrate each girl’s progress, hard work, and success. The evening consisted of speeches by Marymount students from multiple internship experiences as well as a few fond words from their mentors.

Courtesy of Ms. David

Mr. Petrone, director of Students Advancing in Internship Leadership and Learning (SAILL), worked hard to pair each girl with an internship of their choice. Alongside Ms. Landry, Mr. Petrone has been working to “[forge] relationships with Marymount alumnae, parents, colleagues at UCLA, and interesting professionals around Los Angeles” to contribute to the program. Mr. Petrone reflects on how the internship program has grown, noting that 69 girls were placed into 22 different internships this past summer. As the program has evolved, the Mentor Appreciation Dinner has become a yearly highlight, “welcoming over 150 guests and involving close to a dozen Marymount faculty and staff to run [the event].”

Courtesy of Ms. David

Ultimately, the Mentor Appreciation Dinner serves as a way to give thanks to every mentor who dedicated his or her time to helping Marymount girls explore their passions and interests. Mr. Petrone explains, “We cannot pay or compensate the mentors, so we invite them to the dinner as a token of our appreciation and to let them see and hear the powerful impacts their generosity and mentorship have provided.” Looking back on a summer of hard work through hands-on research, experimentation, and service, there is no better way to celebrate all students’ achievements and every mentors’ generosity by hosting this rewarding event!

Courtesy of Ms. David

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