Mother-Daughter Luncheon

Stephanie Sowa '21, Athletics Section Editor

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Marymount’s mothers and daughters spent the 10th Sunday of February bonding at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel for the 2019 Annual Mother-Daughter Luncheon. Photographs were immediately taken upon arrival in order to capture special moments between mothers and daughters. Whether they were candid photos or silly photos, everyone walked away with a memento of the day. Freshman anxiously arrived as they awaited to experience their first luncheon; this memory will continue on for their following years of high school. Mothers reconnected with one another over delicious refreshments as their daughters hugged all of their friends and planned for the week ahead. Joy and excitement filled the room as everyone arrived and dealt with the surprising California rain. As soon as everyone arrived, the celebrations began.

Delicious food arrived at every table. Before eating, Ms. Landry shared insightful knowledge and guided everyone in prayer to give thanks. All around the room, blessings were shared and gratitude was being expressed between mothers and daughters. Starting off with a delicious and warm soup was an excellent idea due to the chilly weather. The main dish, flavorful tuna with a fresh salad including various vegetables, remained popular among the lovely ladies who attended the event. While eating, a fabulous photo montage by Talia Romo-Kikuchi ‘20 appeared on the big screens at the front of the room. Everyone turned around to see the awesome photos that ranged from Marymount retreats and exhilarating sports games, to everyday life on campus. The connection between fellow sailor sisters could be observed during this moment and mothers were extremely proud to witness the bonds occurring between all the Marymount girls.

Continuing with the excitement of the day, the raffle and senior trunk winners were revealed. Every time a winner was announced, cheers and clapping erupted from the excited audience. It was incredibly heartwarming to see the support each winner received and the pure joy that was present on their faces. As this came to a close, delectable dessert was served which led the way into the senior slideshow. This slideshow, which was tradition, had nearly everyone in the audience tearing up yet giggling as they observed the transformation of every senior from their baby pictures to their senior portrait. Mothers made comparisons between seniors and their mothers to see how alike they looked, and daughters were gushing over the baby pictures of their fellow upperclassmen and classmates. At the end, tissues were going around and tears were being shed as each mother tearfully reminisced on how fast life moving and how their daughters were growing up incredibly fast.

Of course the annual thank you to moms occurred and songs between mothers and daughters were exchanged. These moments are always a memorable part of the luncheon and the seniors are always presented lots of love from the Marymount community.

Overall, the 2019 Annual Mother-Daughter Luncheon was a success! Mothers Club President and Chair, Ms. Diana Romo-Kikuchi, put together a fabulous event along with the other Luncheon Chairs and generous contributions from Marymount families. For the senior class mothers, it was a bittersweet time as it was their last luncheon with their daughters who are soon bound to leave for college. Although the lovely senior class will be missed, everyone had a splendid afternoon filled with smiles and happy memories. We love you, moms!