Overview of the Marymount Internship Program (SAILL)

Ali Adams ‘20, Staff Writer

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Courtesy of Marymount High School

Courtesy of Marymount High School







The Marymount Internship Program, commonly known as Students Advancing in Internship Leadership and Learning (SAILL), fosters tremendous growth among Marymount students. Not only does the experience allow one to develop in their knowledge and skills, but it also gives one a taste of reality all while working in certain fields of interest. Students have the ability to work for some of the most notable organizations in Los Angeles, as well as work with role models and leaders in the fields they choose. Such an opportunity is open during the summer to prospective Juniors and Seniors. This year, internship opportunities varied from sectors in Science & Medicine, Law & Finance, Social Studies, STEAM, and Arts & Entertainment. Each Internship has different eligibility requirements and expected time frames. For example, the LA Biomed Summer Fellowship consists over an 8 week period, whereas the investment bank, Imperial Capital, only takes place over the course of 3 weeks; additionally, some internships are paid while others are not. To find out further information about which internships that SAILL offers, click on this link and check out its brochure: https://issuu.com/marymountla/docs/saill_brochure_summer_2019_02.11.19.

Unfortunately, applications for this summer are closed, but students who would like to apply for next summer should be sure to do so. In order to apply, all one has to do is fill out a questionnaire and indicate their preferred internship(s). Then, they will further be interviewed by the Director of SAILL, Mr. Philip “PJ” Petrone. Students will find out whether they have been chosen for a certain internship within 1-2 weeks. It is highly encouraged that students at Marymount take advantage of this incredible opportunity available to them.

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