Susie the Sailor

Katherine Zehenni ‘22, Staff Writer

What are some tips on how to remain calm during a fast-paced second semester?

The second semester is definitely a lot more chaotic and quick-paced. There is no time for busy work because there are more projects, assessments, and homework assignments. I will share two tips that I use whenever I am studying. The first tip takes time to train your brain, but it absolutely works. Find a place in your house where you want to start studying daily and practice good study skills there like not using your phone or unnecessary electronics. By being productive in that location, your brain will become used to being productive, so your studying will be efficient and advantageous. By doing this, you will stay calm because you will save time for extra sleep or checking another item off your list. Another study hack to stay calm is to write down all of the things you have to do and create a list. Then, highlight the top three priorities and complete those first. It does not have to be perfect, but it has to be efficient and complete. Also, feel free to reach out to your teachers and peers for assistance! I hope those tips help!

What can I do over spring break to ameliorate stress?

It takes time to transition from a fast-paced everyday schedule to a time of rest, but I have an easy solution that will quicken the change. The first thing I would do is take it easy. You do not need to wake up at 6 in the morning unless you are obliged to, but if sleep in. Of course, you do not want to waste the day sleeping, but you can rather wake up around 9 am and have a plentiful healthy breakfast. Social media causes anxiety, so do not check all of your notifications first thing in the morning. It is stressful and it definitely does not help ameliorate stress. After breakfast, go on how you normally would if you were not in school. For those who tend to procrastinate, complete all your homework and school-related work early in the break. This way you do not need to stress and worry that you have so much to get done at the end of the break when you are most relaxed. Also, make some memories because the break is only two weeks, not forever!

How do I stay healthy during sick season?

The sick season is always tricky, but it is actually quite simple to stay away from the germs. Here are some tips to stay safe. First, wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds every time you use the restroom before you eat, and be sure to do so often. Second, don’t drink from other people’s cups because that is a big way that germs are spread. Third, refrain from touching your face, and, fourth, cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing. 

How do you succeed in a subject that you have no interest in pursuing in the future?

When a student is not interested in the subject, he or she will usually not have the drive to do be successful in the class and they tend to slack off. Remember that each class gets weighed into your GPA, which is very important for college. Also, you will use a lot of the material learned in class in the future and possibly in everyday life. You may not like the class now, but you may regret not trying in the class in the future and not getting a good grade. Also, approach your teacher and seek guidance. They understand and are there to help you. If you are not interested in the class, they can help advise different opportunities to match your interests.