The Wheels on the Bus


Courtesy of Sweety High

Nadya Lattanzi '20, Features Section Editor

As we are already aware of, obvious tension exists within the Marymount buses. The most apparent one, being between upperclassmen and freshmen, has been occurring throughout Marymount’s history. Many students can recall either having to sit in the back of the bus per the upperclassmen’s requests or maybe even being slightly annoyed by seeing freshmen “taking their spot” in the front of the bus. This has been an issue that has persisted, although it may be perceived in a more joking manner. As Marymount students, we are expected to treat everyone we meet with the utmost respect and compassion. This means treating each other with these values as well.

Rather than sending an underclassman to the back of the bus, why not offer to share your spot with her? More often than not, they will be pleased with this gesture and you might even gain a new friend out of it. Being kind to your fellow classmates will be much more rewarding than disputing over something as juvenile as a spot on a bus. Next time you take your daily bus to school or to your house, try and make your peers feel included! Offer to share your seat, start up a conversation with someone new, or defend a classmate if you see someone else putting her down. After all, we are all considered sisters at Marymount, so why not treat each other as such? I hope that the next time you undergo your daily bus ride, you apply the points presented and treat your peers with kindness and respect!