A Sailor’s Thoughts on Uniform Pants

Nadya Lattanzi ‘20, Marymount News & Features Section Editor

Correction: Marymount has previously offered uniform pants; however, this is the first time for the classes of 2001-19.

This year, for the first time, Marymount has introduced uniform pants to the list of acceptable uniform options. This addition serves as a turning point for Marymount girls, who in the past, have had to push through cold fall and winter days in a skirt and tights. 

The new uniform pants serve as the beginning of the gradual separation from tradition and gender norms and the embracement of a community of unique and individual girls. 

Introducing pants allows students to externally express themselves while also enabling them to feel more comfortable in what they wear. Whether in pants or skirts, girls should be able to feel confident in themselves so that they can focus on academics rather than their outward appearance.  The uniform pants have yet to be worn by the majority of Marymount students, who have gradually become accustomed to the skirts. Personally, I still have not tried out the pants but I will be sure to as the colder weather approaches, and I believe that the pants will serve as a great way to spice up my daily uniform choices! Hopefully, Marymount girls will begin to start implementing the uniform pants into their daily school attire. Come Fall and Winter, more Sailors should be seen sporting the pants around campus. 

Ultimately, the pants serve as another way in which Marymount students can express their diversity and unique style while also having a more durable option to stay warm in the colder seasons.