Is November 1st Too Early to Begin Celebrating The Winter Holidays?

Kelly Sodl '20, Staff Writer

As soon as Halloween wraps up and the calendar turns to November 1st, many people begin to blast their favorite Christmas anthems and start prepping for their favorite holiday. Whether it is decorating their house, drinking hot cocoa, or dressing in red and green, the Christmas season begins to start 11/1. This leads many to the question: is November 1st too early to begin celebrating the winter holidays?

Christmas is filled with fun times! Courtesy of

Many will have a difference in opinion, but as a teenage girl, I personally think that it is never too early to get excited and start preparing for my favorite time of year. Christmas is a magical time filled with family, fun, and warmth so I think it is perfectly fine to start hyping up the season early. It just makes me more excited for Christmas and makes the festive holiday more enjoyable because I have been anticipating it for so long! 

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Others, however, disagree and believe that the Christmas celebration should be saved until after Thanksgiving. Senior, Mary Cooper states “November is too early to start listening to Christmas music and decorating because it takes away the specialness of Thanksgiving, and it is my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving is jipped by the early celebration of Christmas!” Mary has reason with this statement, and many agree with her notion. 

A Thanksgiving meal- showing the wonders of Thanksgiving as Mary stated. Courtesy of

Overall, everyone has different opinions and views about when Christmas festivities should begin. Whether you believe that one should wait until Thanksgiving has ended or start as early as Halloween, do what feels best to you and allow yourself to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.