Senior Behavior During College Season


Brynn Coleman '21, Staff Writer

Athletes from the Class of ‘20 proudly sport the spirit gear of their future schools. Image Courtesy of the Marymount High School Instagram (@marymountla).

It’s that time of the year…  and no, I’m not talking about Christmas. It’s College Application season: the most strenuous months of senior year, riddled with both anxiety and excitement. At this point, every senior has experienced the stress storm that comes with sending in applications and awaiting results, so the last thing anyone wants to hear is: you want to go there?

Let’s make this clear: there are no bad schools, there are only bad fits. You may be rolling your eyes at the cliché-bomb I just dropped, but it’s the truth. So many of us get caught up in the prestige and glamour of the Ivy League schools and others that the media have deemed top-tier. Are these schools great? Yes! But are they great for you? Maybe not. Just as each student is unique, so is each school.

Like Aries and Scorpio, some pairs just aren’t compatible; but like Taurus and Cancer, a school and an applicant can also prove the perfect match! The Princeton Review’s ranking of universities would likely look very different if ranked according to how much you would thrive there, because let’s face it: Harvard is not for everyone. No school, not even Harvard, can guarantee a student’s success. The perfect school comes down to which environment will allow you, personally, the greatest chance at reaching your own aspirations.

Even if you feel content with the schools you’re applying to, you may still encounter judgement from others. The first step in battling outside opinions is self-assurance: if asked the dreaded question of “Oh… you want to go there?”(usually delivered with a slight sneer), respond with a confident, “Yes, I do! It’s just right for me.” You may then offer an explanation of why you envision yourself succeeding there, but confidence is key (I know, again with the cliché! But, it’s still true). The more clarity and confidence you offer in your explanation, the less trash-talk will leave your conversation partner’s big mouth. Even if this person continues in their belittlement, know that true confidence is the most protective shield in the world. Who cares if this person is passing their judgement now? By this time next year, you will be away at a college you worked hard to attend.

Now, let’s talk about rejection letters. These should not get you down; instead, let them act as an indicator that a school just wasn’t the right fit, even if you thought it was. Though the disappointment might hang over your head for a while, just know that you will end up wherever you’re meant to be. Trust the process and rejoice in attending a school that wants you to join their community!

The college application process is stressful enough, so let’s not make it any more difficult than it already is, for others or yourself. You are about to open up a new chapter in your life, so now is the time to excitedly look towards the journey ahead!