Scarymount Review

Grace Staver ‘21, Student Life Section Editor

Each fall, Marymount hosts a back-to-school dance on campus to commence a fun school year. More recently, the annual dances have tied to a theme chosen by ASB– an example being the decades. Prior to these past few years, however, Scarymount had been long-running as the renowned back-to-school dance for several years until it was canceled in 2015. Then, this year, ASB-CC finally revived Scarymount for the first time since 2015. 

As one may guess, Scarymount is a Halloween-themed back to school dance: ASB-CC decorates the school with spooky decor, and students and faculty chaperones dress in their costumes. This year, the dance took place on Saturday, October 19th, just less than two weeks before Halloween. Students arrived beginning at 7 pm in a wide variety of costumes, ranging from vampires and NFL players to cowboys and 70’s go-go dancers. Spooky fog rolled onto the concrete pathways as students crossed campus towards Cantwell where faculty chaperones greeted them in their fun costumes. Once they got through the long bustling line to purchase tickets, students then entered through the doors lined with cobwebs. Everyone immediately danced and jumped to the DJ’s popular music blasting through the speakers, and some took breaks at the snack bar and whirling fans. Then, Scarymount ended at 9:30, and students left smiling.

Scarymount succeeded with a great turnout, reaching extensive participation from students in each grade, as well as guest students from neighboring schools. The Freshmen were lucky to experience Scarymount as their first back-to-school dance, whereas seniors were bittersweet to have waited until their last year of high school to go. Nonetheless, everyone had a fantastic time! Junior Kayla Winn states, “the decorations were really cool, especially the fog machines. I really love that ASB went all out!”, and junior Nicolette Agajanian says, “it was super fun and well organized, and it was also really cool that the music playlist was made from students’ song suggestions.”