How MHS Students Are Keeping In Touch With Their Grandparents

Katherine Zehenni ‘22, Staff Writer

Due to the devastating consequences of COVID-19, people have been ordered to practice social distancing and stay in isolation. MHS students, along with the rest of the suffering world, are advised to not visit their grandparents as they are most easily exposed to the Coronavirus. Elderly people with chronic diseases (diabetes, cancer, cystic fibrosis, etc.) and a poor immune system are at high risk and there is not much they can do to take precautionary actions other than sanitizing themselves and remaining in quarantine.  

Courtesy of Marymount High School Marketing and Communications

Because elderly people are quarantining themselves, MHS students have come up with a few solutions to reach out to their grandparents. For example, facetiming/calling (on a landline or cell phone) is a great way to remind yourself of their faces/voices and vice versa because the grandparents enjoy the reminder as well. It also removes some of the worries of the pandemic for both the grandparents and the grandchildren. Another way is to send an email or text message and check up on each other. Quarantine gets lonely quickly, especially for the elders because they cannot be as active as the youth. If the grandparents do not have a phone that sends/receives texts/emails, sending physical mail is another great way; however, be sure to take precautionary measures to sanitize the mailing process. A handwritten card is more personal and emotional, and they can go back and read it any time when they feel very lonely. 

Courtesy of Marymount High School Marketing and Communications

All in all, it is absolutely necessary that people abide by the social distancing measures and maintain hope for a better future during these unprecedented times. The Marymount community is one of love and fellowship, and students should continue to reciprocate this caring manner to their grandparents.