A Senior’s Guide to Perks, Privileges, and Traditions


Courtesy of Mrs. David

Ashley Chase '18, Student Life Section Editor

Courtesy of Marymount High School’s Facebook account

For most Marymount seniors, the last year of high school is like a shiny, hard-earned pin on a blazer. After hundreds of homework-filled nights and dutiful adherence to the handbook, it’s quite natural to yearn for more freedom.


Seniors, your long-awaited privileges have finally arrived! This compilation of rule-friendly perks will surely brighten your days at Marymount.


  1. Senior Den

Located just outside the café, this nook serves as a blessing for every bump along senior year life. Stocked with snacks, a printer, and cozy sofas, seniors may drop in to chat with other seniors, study, or enjoy impromptu treats like Sprinkles cupcakes.


  1. Free Dress Fridays

On Fridays during the second semester of school, seniors may switch out the polo shirts for their own snazzy outfits.


  1. College Sweatshirts

Once seniors have received acceptance letters and emails from their dream colleges, they may flaunt their school pride in college sweatshirts with the rest of the school uniform. This privilege officially begins the fourth quarter.


  1. Senior Video

Every May, the school gathers round for a presentation on the seniors’ college matriculations and high school achievements. Juniors present their often hilarious senior video as a gift to the graduating class, typically featuring teachers and memorable inside jokes.


  1. Fourth Quarter Period 9s

Seniors have more leeway when it comes to the attendance policy during the fourth quarter: they may drive off campus during Period 9s and free periods.


  1. Fun Socks

The Marymount Handbook’s dress code states that socks must be solid white, navy, or gray. However, seniors can have more fun experimenting with patterned and colored socks. Polka dots, stripes, anchors, and other designs look fabulous with the uniform.


  1. Senior Prank

Seniors may look forward to a certain day in which they may alter some aspect on campus in an entertaining fashion. In past years, students had the pleasant surprise of finding colorful balloons in the halls of Butler or discovering a mariachi band in one of the courtyards.


  1. College Chalk Art

During the last week of school, the excitement for college is palpable. It’s also clearly visible on the floor of senior courtyard. Seniors group together at lunch and draw their college logos with colorful chalk. The array is always impressive to witness on one’s way to class.


  1. Father’s Club BBQ

Although the Father’s Club Barbeque is an annual event for the whole school, it is a bittersweet occasion for seniors because it is their last year. After an enjoyable father-daughter lunch consisting of hot dogs and burgers, seniors traditionally take a large group picture with their college sweatshirts.


  1. Walking Privilege

During their free periods and lunch, seniors may walk across the street when they crave UCLA food court treats. Seniors must bring their off-campus card, sign out with Mrs. Patino, and return to school on time.


  1. Final Senior Mass

The very last Mass of the school year centers on the seniors’ academic, social, and spiritual growth over the past four years. A beautiful occasion that recognizes each senior with a white rose, it shows the class that they have contributed to the Marymount legacy.


  1. Being a Senior

Clearly, there are so many formal ways in which the seniors on campus are celebrated and supported, but the joy is also in the little things. Whether it’s being dismissed first at Community or just trying on graduation dresses, the chance to have one more fun-filled year at Marymount in itself is a privilege.


Seniors, your hard work and spirit have had a lasting influence on the school. Get excited about the best year yet!

Courtesy of Ashely Chase ’18

*Approved by Ms. Regan