Review of “Daily Harvest”

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Millie Dyer '19, Health & Leisure Section Editor

I can no longer deny that a grocery-delivery service has its benefits. Looking back on the days without Daily Harvest – the dark times – I realize that my local Ralph’s is an overstuffed maze. To locate a box of cereal, I have to play bumper cart with a grouchy mass of people.

Not really, but nobody knows what could happen when hunger strikes.  

Legitimate grocery shopping devours time, perhaps one reason why I chose to seek out a service that could decrease the time that my family spends in Ralph’s. Once one no longer has to play the game of bumper-carts, they find that they have greater time on their hands, precious hours they can spend pursuing a more productive agenda.

Many of us see the pursuit of a Grocery Delivery Service as the epitome of laziness – I myself once supported this notion. Daily Harvest, a company that channels its creative energy into making a unique variety of smoothies, oatmeal concoctions, healthy sundaes, soups, and grain bowls, has allowed me to finally let go of the preconceived notion that I had concerning services delivering prepared meals.

A box should not provide us with all of our meals, and, for this reason, I appreciate Daily Harvest. It provides the perfect medium for my family when it comes to going to sidestepping the fluorescent lights of the grocery store and simply tearing open a box. Daily Harvest does not offer food that I would eat for every meal, every day, especially considering that the majority of what they offer is smoothies!  

What I like most about Daily Harvest is the fact that they don’t do all of the work for you. They still leave it to you to blend your smoothies, which gives you the opportunity to select a liquid of your choice or add more fruit to make for a more filling breakfast. Daily Harvest allows you to either prepare their grain bowls or soups on the stovetop or in the microwave. As per these, Daily Harvest provides recommendations of proteins to add to the grain bowls, allowing you room to slightly dress-up what they have prepared for you without having to labor at the stovetop.

Overall, I highly recommend Daily Harvest!